Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

"Patricia worked with us during the COVID 19 Pandemic and not only did she manage to sell our place in 5 days, but for over asking and to a very nice buyer. I cannot emphasize how responsible, knowledgeable and fair she is. She fights hard for your interests and at a time when another realtor wanted to list it for 250K less than our final sale price. We were so pleased with her knowledge ( as a lawyer background she really knows her stuff) and her punctuality and honesty. I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you are thinking of buying or selling in Deep Cove she should be your first realtor to approach."

-- Glenn and Lee-Ann

I Highly Recommend Patricia Houlihan!

"Patricia is a most excellent realtor! As a perennial top realtor in Vancouver she provides a well thought out plan and pricing, backed by the best research and knowledge of the market. There are many realtors but I find that she is a clear leader in all aspects of the real estate sector, including understanding her clients needs, marketing, pricing, research, legal issues (she's also an excellent lawyer) and, salesmanship. She sold my home at 30% over market and soon will be asking her to find me a new home!"

-- Percy R

We meet with many realtors with the goals of selling our house at the maximal price in a tough market, having minimal disturbance to our kids and finding our dream home.

Patricia was the clear choice. The biggest compliment I can give her is that she is "over-qualified" for her job as a realtor given that she used to be a lawyer for years. Why wouldn't you want a lawyer-realtor to represent you in one of the biggest transactions in your life? Why wouldn't you want the expertise of a lawyer-realtor to read over any documents and negotiate on your behalf?

We felt that Patricia listened to us, understood us, gave invaluable honest advice, and was always easy to reach (even late at night!). Because of her, we ended up selling our house the day after our first open house at full asking price. She also guided us to purchase a dream home that we never thought we could own. She truly has changed the life of our family for the better.

-- Nick S

A skilled lawyer and a great realtor. I recommend her without hesitation.

"I have known Patricia Houlihan since we attended law school together. I have always admired bother her dedication to her work as well as her high ethical standards.
When it came tome to sell my property I did not hesitate to engage Patricia to find a buyer. She did a great job. Patricia will always be honest with both buyers and sellers. I have known her to lose potential listings because she would be honest about the price range rather than price it above market to get the listing and then take the “the market has changed” approach."

-- Alan B

We would very highly recommend Patricia Houlihan to anyone looking to sell real estate.

"We tried to sell our North Vancouver condo two years ago. At that time, another realtor listed the condo for less than we had originally paid, then lowered the price more while it was listed. There were few viewings and no offers. Since then, it seemed the value of our condo was hardly increasing, even when the overall market was taking off. A friend recommended Patricia after having a great experience listing and selling with her. We appreciated Patricia’s no-nonsense approach and her stager who helped to make the condo look its best. Patricia listed the condo relatively high, and it was sold for over asking price after the first open house. Patricia said she would deliver and she did! Patricia provided first-rate service despite the value of our condo being low compared to other properties that she sells. We would very highly recommend Patricia Houlihan to anyone looking to sell real estate."

-- Elaine and Mike

We got offers 50% higher than with our prior 3 realtors-in same market!

“My business partner and I had been trying to sell one of our investment properties for quite some time with no success despite the great market conditions.  We were considering other options but decided to try listing it one more time with another realtor - Patricia.  She and her staff got our house in great condition and put together an effective marketing plan.  The first weekend we got an offer of over asking that was more than $500,000 higher than the only offer we had when it had been previously listed. Unfortunately that offer fell through but Patricia then brought us several other offers ALL more than asking and all $400,000 higher than the only offer we had had when it had previously listed...Much to our surprise, our house sold quickly despite listing during the Olympics!”
-- T. Reyes - Seller Point Grey Rd, Kitsilano


I thought I had to sell but Patricia helped me KEEP my house!

“My partner and I decided to relist our house and called Patricia Houlihan to list with her.  I had never met Patricia before so I showed her our house and discussed the listing and selling process. In the course of our discussions, I mentioned that I loved the house and wished I could find a way to keep it but I had gone over all of my options with my bank and others and it was not possible. Patricia asked me a few questions and then said she thought I could keep the house.  She put me in touch with the mortgage broker she uses and the next thing I knew I was keeping my house!  In making the decision to help me Patricia knew it would cost her thousands of dollars as we no longer needed her to sell our house.  However, she gave me advice that worked to achieve my goals, not her own.  I would definitely recommend her as an agent that can be trusted to give the best advice for the client. Her advice has meant me being able to stay in my beautiful home!  I am so grateful that she is the kind of person who helped make my dream come true!”

-- A. McCullough

Patricia sold my hard to sell house for full price!

"We purchased a beautiful new waterfront home a couple of years ago.  When we bought it, it had been listed for just under a year and had not sold.  We were able to buy it for a very good price-we only paid just over 62% of the price the sellers had originally listed at.  Recently we tried to sell the home and had it listed with a realtor who came highly recommended, has dozens of listings and works with a lot of both local and offshore buyers. Our house was listed for 7 months but did not sell.  We decided to list with Patricia Houlihan.  Based on its history of being hard to sell, we did not believe our house could sell quickly for a high price.  Patricia listed the house, brought in her team to get it looking great, investigated some of the tricky legal issues associated with the property, marketed it extensively and had an open house.  To our surprise we very soon had 2 offers and sold our house for full price!!!! We would definitely recommend Patricia to our friends."

 -- R. Chen


Thank you Patricia and Team!

"Both Werner and I would like to thank you and your team for your work in selling our house in North Vancouver. We very much appreciated your business-like approach, your  guidance (without being pushy), your knowledge and your enthusiasm as we went through this process. The support from your team was equally valued. They were all professional, helpful and reliable." -- Carole & Werner Jordi


They lined up for our Open House!

"By the way, I thought that you were a good environmental  lawyer but realized that you are actually an amazing realtor.  Your selling strategy created such an atmosphere that people got wrapped up and had to have the house. ...our neighbours stopped by to tell us that they have never seen an open house as busy as the one on Saturday.  They said even in the boom years, they could not remember seeing the street traffic and line up to get in so congested." 

-- Tim Whalen 

Advised NOT to accept an offer.... got higher!

"We have sold with Patricia on two separate occasions. Both times we received multiple offers and sold over our asking price. But the thing that really sets Patricia apart from other professionals is that she always had our best interest at heart. With our most recent sale, Patricia listed our home, sent in her stager & professional photographer and advertised for our open house. We had multiple offers & accepted one over asking. That deal fell through. And while we were willing to reduce our price significantly to help complete the purchase, Patricia was confident we could get a better price for our home. She continued advertising & showing the property (at additional cost to her) and within 48 hours we had two more offers and we sold our home for even more than the first multiple offer! Thank you Patricia for doing such an outstanding job for us - again!"

-- Andrew & Annette Sharpe 

She tops other "top" Realtors!

"I had been living in a community with two main realtors.   Patricia sold my home for significantly more than either of the two 'top realtors' were willing to list at, and my home sold very quickly."

-- Catherine S., Lawyer

Honest, motivated and gets results for buyers!

"I had tried working with two realtors before I met Patricia. I immediately felt at ease with her and did not feel any pressure. I feel she is honest, realistic and motivated. As a first time buyer, I had many questions and saw many homes before I finally found one I liked. Many other people liked it too, but Patricia acted very quickly and I got the place."

-- Shannon M., MBA, Manager, Energy Sector

Excellent Investment Advisor!

"We were recently figuring out how we have done since we bought our first house with you 3 years ago. We only had $30,000 for a down payment, but you found us a good investment home in a nice area of East Van. A year and a half later, with the money we made on our first home and some real estate savvy from you, we bought a house in the Arbutus area. We couldn't believe we made it to the west side of Vancouver so fast! We then expected to stay in Arbutus Ridge for 3 years or more before moving closer to the beach, but just over a year later you advised us that our Arbutus neighbourhood was "hot". We sold again and are now living in a million dollar plus character home in Kitsilano. Our original $30,000 investment is now worth almost $600,000 and because of the gains we made in selling our first 2 houses, our current house  is more that half paid in only three years.....hard to beat that in the stock market! "  

-- Chris M. and Lynda S.  (Entrepreuner and Engineer)


Even as a fellow Realtor, I was impressed!

"Our transaction went extremely well!

It was a blessing that we found you to handle this.  You are a true professional and I felt you really cared about us and our needs.  My son was so impressed that he said its too bad he doesn't do land transactions in Canada so he could deal with you.
Thanks Patricia!

-- Patricia Hering, former realtor, California

Full service even on $200,000 homes!

"It was important to me that I felt I was given the time I needed to look at as many places as I needed to even though I am sure I was at the bottom end of the client scale, I did not feel marginalised (which has happened to friends of mine.) I would definitely use Patricia and her team again if and when I sell my place and buy another one." 


-- Jo Burrows

A great team, took care of everything!

"We were very happy using Patricia Houlihan and team to assist us on getting our home ready, selling our home and helping us find a new one. The house sold right away for over asking!  Everyone on Patricia's team did a great job. They have made the buying/selling process smooth for us.  We will definitely refer Patricia Houlihan to our friends." -- D. & K. Felton


Encouragement to maximize our Real Esate!

"Patricia has been instrumental both in helping us get into the market in Vancouver and in moving up.  We bought our first condo from her and signed her on as our agent.  She has since helped us to sell that condo and, in part with the money we made, move into a house on the east side.  We were at first reluctant to buy a house but with her encouragement we are now home owners who couldn't imagine it any other way.  We are very happy to have made that transition. "

-- Paul H. & Ally B.

Above and Beyond expectations!

"Our home had been on the market for 4 months with only one offer-which fell through. Patricia listed our home, did great marketing for it and got multiple offers on our home. It sold for a lot more than asking within the first week! We would highly recommend Patricia."

-- Ed and Lori Dyck


Service Over and Above Expectations!

"Patricia and her team were outstanding! Patricia's knowledge and expertise of the Vancouver market made it easy to make the jump into purchasing my first home. The team was incredibly attentive and accommodating, and were there to answer every question at anytime. Their service went over and above what I expected. I am extremely satisfied with my new home and highly recommend Patricia's team!"

-- Astrid De Souza 


Professional, Efficient, And Clever!

"Patricia Houlihan and her Real Estate Team did a fantastic job of selling my house and I would recommend her to anyone needing a professional,efficient and clever Real Estate Agent."  

-- Ernest McMurray - Waterfront Home Seller in Deep Cove


Multiple Offers in a slow market!

"Our home sold right away in a slowing market AND it sold with multiple offers; I would comment positively on Patricia's service as everyone in her team was very attentive and professional. Thanks to the team for handling the final details last week.  It was a pleasure doing business with Patricia. Patricia has sold two homes for my family and I would not hesitate to recommend her team and service in the future." 

-- Rob & Susan


Patient, Clear and Honest Advice!

"Patricia and her team, from Macdonald Realty, was our real estate agent in the purchase of our new home. Initially, as a first time buyer I was quite unfamiliar with how the whole process worked. Her team was very patient in explaining various terms, strategies, and methods of purchasing a new place. The team offered useful, clear, open, honest advice that was greatly appreciated. 

Patricia was an active member in making sure this process went well.  She made active efforts to ensure that we received a good deal. I am very content with the service that we received. I definitely feel that Patricia and her team worked hard to ensure that this was the best possible experience for us. The whole process went relatively smoothly and I was happy with the service we received. "

-- Julie B. & Ian K.

Complimentary Staging worked wonders!

"What was really helpful for us was the home stager that Patricia provided. The place looked great in the pictures and in person, and we got a great response!"  


-- M. Long

High Price AND Pleasant Experience!

Under many Realtor selections we chose Patricia, because she gave us a honest and reasonable evaluation. Her advice comes from years of experience, intensive knowledge of the market, and acted in the best of our interest. At the first meeting of Patricia we can sense the deep passion and professionalism she had for real estate. Her and her team attained over asking offers for us after the first open house. Far beyond our expectations! Patricia not only gave us a high sold price, she also gave us a happy and pleasurable selling experience! I sincerely recommend her to all of our friends, so that they too can get the wonderful experience in their real estate transactions.
- Ms. Yao (2015)

在很多的仲介下我们选择了Patricia,因为他给了一个​​最诚实又合理的估价。他的建议都是以多年的经验,对市场的明确了解,并且为了给我们最多的优惠下而提供的。第一次见到Patricia就可以深深感受到他对客户以及房地产业的热情和专业。他和他的杰出团队,让我们在第一个Open House后就得到了多数买家的高出价,远远超出我们的预期! Patricia不止很有效率的帮助我们高价卖出我们的房屋,还给了我们一个快乐的成交经验。我诚心推荐他给我所有的朋友,让他们的买卖也可以像我一样得到完美的服务!
姚小姐 (2015)